Gong Yi Taijiquan is a complete system of exercise for control of both the mind and body. It is said to have been developed in China in the 13th Century but its origins are much older. The concepts of Gong Yi Taijiquan have the same foundation in ancient Chinese philosophy as internal medical theory, concepts we are only just beginning to explore in the west. The purpose of Gong Yi Taijiquan practice is better health in every sense of the word. This includes consideration of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human existence. These various aspects are not considered separately. The goal is to achieve complete harmony of the mind and body. There are three main styles of taijiquan. One of the majors is Gong Yi Taijiquan ( Wu family)

The physical benefits of Gong Yi Taijiquan are numerous. The key elements are; improved body awareness, reduction of tension in the body, much-improved concentration, increased the flexibility of all muscles and joints and better circulation. The exercises focus on posture,single pointed weight balance, flexibility, coordination, agility, strength, stamina, and concentration. Practice leads to improvement in all these areas. The slow, flowing and harmonious movements of Gong Yi Taijiquan help to calm the mind and to promote serenity and greater clarity of thinking. The ability to concentrate improves both during training (and in general). The combined physical and mental training leads to an overall reduction of the ill effects of stress and an increase in energy level.

Gong Yi Taijiquan is a martial art in the best of that tradition, focusing on complete personal development. It is called a soft internal martial art and as a system of self-defense it emphasizes knowledge of sensitivity and flexibility rather than brute strength.


Benefits of our Tai Chi

Improved Balance, Breathing,

               Health, Energy

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