Patience and a calm unhurried approach are essential to the development of excellent Gong Yi Taijiquan (Tai Ji) and health benefits and the 13 stances which maybe applied to any martial art.

A tranquil mind undistracted by worldly problems and attentiveness when receiving instructions. I would like to add that you must be always thinking of what and why.

Avoid strain and anything that may be injurious to your health during your everyday activities.

  • What is the meaning of Taijiquan (tai chi chuan)?

    Tai = Supreme,great,grand, ultimate

    Chi ( Ji ) = Breathing and Energy

    Tai Chi is an ancient philosophical term with origins that are approximately 4000 years old. The concept is based on the harmony of Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) energy. All aspects of life contain these interacting and changing duality’s

    e.g. male/female, night/day, cold/hot etc. The myriad relationship of yin and yang begin with the great primal explosion- or origin of the universe. The I Ching or the book of changes express the Tai Chi philosophy as the natural way or The Tao –the way of nature.

    Chuan = Fist, boxing, movement, way, exercise, self-control, Chi control or authority

    Chuan is achieving self-discipline, which can be self-preservation (good health), self-reflection(art) and self-defense (martial skills).

    Taijiquan (Tai Ji) therefore is the reflection of Yin-Yang through the balance of slow-motion movements, continuously and intricately engineered postures, each smoothly and evenly blending into the next. The postures are a rounded circular dynamic equilibrium of open and closed, full and empty, control of mind/body actions. The whole external form of 108 postures can take approximately 25 minutes to one hour depending of the amount of knowledge you have to put to  a completely relaxed and serene manner. Our taijiquan has the element of projection people can feel and will react to your movements. This is the process, which leads to internal energy or chi and ultimately to the development of the spirit.

  • What is the purpose of Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan)?

    To achieve good health and longevity.

    How long dose it take an average person to learn the 108 movements of Wu Style Taijiquan (tai chi chuan)?

    If attendance is twice or more a week, the period is generally four to six months. This is just the first phase, it takes alot longer to learn how to do each movement, notice I said movement not form. Learning is affected by many factors, fitness, health, drive, discipline etc. The main thing is not to worry about your relative progress, but to concentrate on the quality of your form.

  • Why do people learn Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan)?

    Some of the main reasons are :
    1) To improve general health. To help cure or prevent long or short term illness.
    2) As a means for self-improvement and control through meditation in movement.
    3) Self-defense.
    4) Others simply enjoy the 108 form.
    5) For many it is the art and philosophy that is interesting and energetic..

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  • What are some of the short term results?

    You should find an increase in body/mind awareness, grounding, balance, stability, coordination and suppleness. You should also find you have a more relaxed, calm and confident posture, and improved breathing. Muscle tone should improve, and a general improvement in energy quality will give a new kind of well being due to re-alignment of your posture.

  • What are some long term results?

    These are a natural development of the short term results. The quality of health, peace of mind and well being will be distinctly noticeable. A happier mind/body/spirit unity will mature as you cultivate inner potential. The old muscular tension, bad habits and feelings will be replaced as you cultivate internal energy or ‘Chi’. Your use of energy will be more economical and effective, with a reserve to call on when needed. Your world will be integrated and natural where the reality of Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) philosophy will materialize as a daily asset. Your natural healing abilities will emerge from development. The self-defense training will result in formidable fighting power should you decide to practice hard. The perspective and confidence you develop will be directed towards a more whole, natural and integrated human being, capable of kind deeds and thoughts for others and a higher regard for our great planet.

  • What is the best approach towards practice?

    Slowly, comfortably, thoroughly – so that your mind/body can feel and have time to get to know each posture and movement. Practice the postures you have been taught in your class everyday regularly until your next class. Avoid hurrying and being anxious. Even the simplest movements need much attentive practice to feel good; and they can always be improved. Be sure – be slow as you progress, be prepared to expend a lot of effort and you will then improve. Always walk around after practice so that your energy can return to normal. Do not sit down right away, if you do, your energy will stagnate. Do not wash if it is warm and if it is cold, layer yourself with more clothing. Avoid practicing in draughts or winds, but make sure there is adequate fresh air.

    It is regular practice in the correct way that yields benefits. Training must be built up slowly and gradually. Practice everyday, first thing in the morning. Whatever you put into your training you will get in return many times over.

    Weakness or strength dosnt matter to understanding Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan). This is true of all its aspects  i.e. health, meditation or self-defense.

  • What are the aims of Gong Yi Taijiquan

    The Academy is one of a number of similar organizations worldwide, which are dedicated to teaching the principles of Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) as laid down in the classics and the practice of Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) as developed by the Gongyi. It is our aim to train students to develop their own potential to reach high standard in the art of Gongyi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan). The Academy is open to all who have the sincerity, interest, time and willpower to practice.

  • What is the secret of reaching a high standard in Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan)?


Benefits of our Tai Chi

Improved Balance, Breathing,

               Health, Energy

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