• Alignment

    The skeleton is what provides the body with its structure. Alignment in Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) involves establishing the correct relationship between the 9 joints ( or 9 pearls ) expansion and control major joints of the skeleton.

    Legs: Hip, Knee and ankle

    Upper Limbs: Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder

    Upper Body: Head, Neck and Thorax

    We do not count the both legs or arms because one is  the action while the other creates the na.

    – Work with body structure
    – Correct alignment to allow proper movement and organ function
    – Good habits replace incorrect ones by repetition

  • Breathing

    Breathing is an automatic function over which there is limited voluntary control. In Gong Yi Taijiquan (tai Ji ) breathing is natural and includes movement in the upper abdomen and lower abdomen. How ever it is possible to breath into the upper chest and into the lower abdoman in one breath without raising the shoulders thus keeping gravity on the ground.

    – Coordinate breathing with every movement is important
    – Emphasize abdominal breathing and movement of the diaphragm
    – Slower, deeper breathing is the way to greater health.

    Balance is important to everyone, our breathing is connected to our balance we create our stability  from the tendons
    The connection is as we grow we use only the upper chest, this is not good for balance, the reason is when we breath in the shoulder go up and lifts the skeleton which reduces our gravity.

    That’s why when we use abdominal breathing the shoulders don’t move and the gravity remains connected to the ground.

  • Relaxation

    In Gong Yi Taijiquan (Tai Ji ) exercise, relaxation of the body is a dynamic relaxation. It means moving the body using only those joints in the correct sequence and minimal muscles use, which are  absolutely necessary.

    – Identify and eliminate all excess tension
    – Eliminate excess effort to create better body awareness
    – Strength with ease comes from tension on a specific tendon in the joint and focus on the  Yi (mind)

  • Circulation

    Complete circulation is dependent not only on the action of the heart but also on the correct movement of the body. Studies have shown that Gong Yi Taijiquan (Tai Ji ) exercise leads to only mildly elevated heart rate but does not lead to a larger increase in stroke volume.

    – Utilize the body’s largest leg  muscles plus the correct sequence of joints
    – Alternate tension and relaxation
    – Complete, efficient circulation is essential for health and longevity.

  • Yin and Yang

    According to the Chinese philosophical system called Taoism; every thing is formed by the interaction of opposites. Opposites of any kind are termed Yin and Yang.

    – Yin and Yang are constantly transforming
    – One always contains the seed of the opposite
    – One cannot exist without the other

Benefits of our Tai Chi

Improved Balance, Breathing,

               Health, Energy

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