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Wu Gongyi became the Gate-Keeper of the Wu Style Taijiquan after his father, Wu Jianquan, passed away in 1942. In accordance with his father’s instructions, he began teaching the Taiji Square Frame which was passed down to him (Wu Gongyi) from Yang Shaohao. In the mid-1960’s, Wu Gongyi announced that he was going to share and teach a long “hidden” skill of using the joints that had been kept strictly for family members and chosen disciples.  Subsequently, he added these joints movements to the Taiji Square Frame to emphasize their subtle articulations and it became known as the Gwaan Jit (Joints) Frame.

Rock Kwok Tai Ng studied directly under Wu Gongyi from age 7 and was close to the Wu family. Per his teacher’s request to further develop the Gwaan Jit System, he spent many years of research and experimentation before he finally attained his goal and completed the Gwaan Jit System by adding the Tendon System.

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