Learn about Gong Yi Taijiquan

Gongyi Taijiquan is a complete system of exercise for control of both mind and body. It said to have been developed in China in the 13th century by Zhang Sangfeng, however there is no documentation to prove this. Taijiquan may have began to be developed much before the 13th century but again there no documentation only legend as with Zhan Sangfeng.    Gongyi (Kungyi) Taijiquan is practised by accessing the tendons in the joints of the body upper and lower limbs by putting tension on a particular section.We always have to be aware of which joint move first (active) which one follows ( passive ) each movement within a form has a sequence to be maintained. The sequences are done using the 13 disciplines ( Stances ) peng, lei, Jai, and these are the upper limbs Cai (Choi), Zhou, lie, Kao, these four are a combination of the first four but done with the body then we have the five steps ( direction Jin forward, Tui backward, Gu look left, Pan look right and Ding centre )

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